Below are my current collaborations:

Morton Feldman – Trio

Hannah Christiansen (violin), Molly Rife (cello), and Christopher Narloch (piano) will perform Morton Feldman’s Trio at Narloch Piano Studio Friday, April 13, 8:00pm.

Feldman trio poster

Amazonland Chamber Players

Christopher Narloch will be performing with Amazonland Chamber Players in the summer of 2018, including a performance of Bedřich Smetana’s Piano Trio.


Kayleigh Butcher – Schoenberg’s Das Buch der hängenden Gärten, Op.15


Kayleigh Butcher and Christopher Narloch perform Schoenberg’s original song cycle along with 15 newly composed songs by 15 different composers, inspired by the original set. Composers include Bethany Younge, Evan Williams, Steven Rice, Jessie Marino, David Grant, Jenna Lyle, Brian Penkrot, Alex Temple, Jonathan Sokol, Cara Haxo, Elliot Cless, Fredrick Gifford, and Pamela Stein Lynde.

Performed in Chicago, IL, and Hinsdale, IL. Future bookings are currently being accepted.

Ryan Ingebritsen – Reparametrization #9


Ryan Ingebritsen’s latest Reparametrization is for piano and electronics, three microphones, and live electronic feedback. Composition currently in progress.

Elliot Cless / Dropshift Dance


Original music by Elliot Cless for violin and keyboard, performed by Elliot Cless and Christopher Narloch. Written, performed, and recorded for choreographed dancers. Studio recording in currently in progress.